Business growth is founded on a multifaceted approach to operations and marketing. The operations side focuses on product, service, and distribution or sales, and the marketing side focuses on outreach and consumer interaction. While many business owners are connected to the day-to-day of the operations side, they may be a little less in tune with the marketing of their products. Digital marketing is a valuable tool and more important now than ever before, especially in creating an authoritative and relevant voice and brand image with the consumer. Therefore, it is useful for all business owners to understand and embrace digital marketing to improve their rate of growth. 

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not new. Although, it is relatively young when compared to other forms of marketing, like print media. While it may not be new, many business owners do not fully grasp its usefulness, nor do they really understand what it is. Digital marketing capitalizes on three strategies that are relevant to the internet.

  1. Social media

    Social sites, like Facebook and Linkedin, are critical drivers of customers to business sites and products. Therefore, digital strategies focus on putting up relevant ads on these platforms as well as creating a brand presence to connect with followers and loyal consumers.
  2. SEO

    While social media is great for business growth, it does nothing without proper SEO, or search engine optimization, strategies. SEO involves the process of backlinks, content, social media and keywords to improve your company’s relevancy rankings in a search engine’s results.
  3. Content

    Content is the foundational element of any digital campaign. It is crucial that you or a marketing team spends the necessary time creating relevant and credible content for your site, blogs, social media, and other secondary sites. This content is where backlinks will be placed, and it is often what search engines use to provide a relevancy score. 

Using Digital Strategies

Using digital strategies is not as hard as it may seem. Mainly, you want to focus on a couple of key areas. 

  • Shareable content

    Create content that is useful and relevant to your business. You do not always have to be selling. Create a relationship with your customers by provided valuable information, which they may turn around and share with a friend. 

  • SEO

    For SEO, focus on relevancy, keyword selection and the placement of your digital content. Select appropriate places for your content to ensure topic relevance.

While business growth is dependent on a multifaceted approach to both operations and management, be sure to give enough focus to digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing can aid in business development by improving brand relevancy and consumer relationships.