Sometimes, even the most well-meaning social media campaign can fall flat, especially if you don’t have a lot of marketing experience to help with your campaigns. However, just because a social media campaign wasn’t a success doesn’t mean you’ve completely failed. There’s something to be learned from every mistake, and if you take these lessons learned into the future, you should be able to avoid repeating the same mistakes again with your next social media marketing campaign, and may even be able to fix what went wrong with your most current one. Here are some helpful tips to take into consideration to help fix your social media marketing campaign mistakes.


You should always do your research before putting together a marketing campaign. If you neglected to do your research properly, you may have completely missed the mark with who you targeted for your campaign. Proper research will let you know exactly who your target audience is, which can help you properly target them using the right channels. Certain age groups tend to lean towards specific social media channels and if you are targeting one they aren’t on, you won’t have many sales conversions. 

Keep Accounts Separate 

You will need someone to manage your social media page, which means that they need a way to access the account. Instead of expecting them to link their personal accounts to your company’s account, have a standalone company account that they can log into so they don’t have to have their personal accounts tied in with your business account. This is a good practice to ensure that posts that were meant for a personal account don’t accidentally make it to your business page, and makes it a lot easier to remove access if you need to exit an employee quickly from your company. 

Hashtag Properly

You should understand how hashtags work before you try using them. When used properly, they’re a great way to get your brand out there and get more exposure for your business. However, one misspelling or incorrect word could land your business in a completely different feed or get you into an embarrassing situation. Check your hashtags before you post to avoid any potential mix-ups.

Running a social media marketing campaign can be an easy experience if you take the time to do the work before you launch your campaign. With these tips, you can be on your way to executing a successful campaign that will help your business grow.